Heroes Are Never Far


The world is full of heroes
Heroes we choose not to see
Because we are all too busy
And want everyone to let us be

First there is Almighty God
Who created the heavens and earth
Then you have your mom and dad
Who fell in love and gave you birth

Then there are the teachers
Who educated and gave you knowledge
From elementary through high school
And even those in college

You have policeman and firemen
Who walk into harms way
Just to serve and protect us
Each and everyday

Even a complete stranger
Who you never met before today
And your spiritual advisor
With who you kneel and pray

The soldiers who defend
Your freedom from abroad
And the judges who protect your rights
From lawyers and legal fraud

Your friends who you confide in
A confidence they won't betray
And your family who gives you strength
To get you through the day

A hero can even be your pet
That loves you unconditionally
And keeps your hopes alive
For everyone to see

Everyone is a hero
To someone yes they are
All you have to do is look around
A hero is never far

Copyright 2009 Joseph M. Paulk