It's been a long journey of pain and heartbreak
All I seem to do now is hurt and make mistakes
I've been down and lonely
Felt like I can't survive
The world is just too harsh for some to stay alive

I've wondered why I'm here
If there's meaning to what I do
I feel I'm getting nowhere
That I can't make it through

Sometimes I do wonder
What's the point of all my tears
I am one of the fortunate
Who shouldn't have these fears

I've had countless friends to help me
Each and everyday
Whenever I've been down
Someone guides my way

Even when I'm alone and no one is around
I've had someone to talk to
And listen to my sound

God has been my rock, will never let me fall
For this I am so grateful He always hears my call
Next time I feel like crying about my doubts and pain
I know there's one to turn to, to shield me from the rain

Copyright © 2002 Anna Jane Godwin