I wrote this poem 7/5/2002, after the sexual abuse of my 13-yr.-old son by a trusted friend and neighbor


My son learned to crawl today,
lost his infancy,
gained a new perspective.
My lost his first tooth today,
learned to tell us every thought
in his beautiful mind.
My son wore his last diaper today,
gained astonishing self confidence.
And Up He Grows.

My son learned to walk,
tie his own shoes,
ride a tricycle,
make his first friends,
go hesitantly to school,
have his first innocent crush
on a little girl.
And Up He Grows.

My son lost a friend today,
and learned
the monster he long ago realized
was not really under his bed,
or hiding in the closet,
or lurking in dark corners,
might live next door,
or down the street,
or be teaching him the difference
between adjectives and nouns.

And with this realization
he lost some trust,
some confidence in others.
Replaced by seeds
of doubt,
and longing for the days when pain
was just a tooth falling out,
or a skinned knee
from a fall off his first tiny tricycle.
And Up He Grows.
Astonishingly Quickly.

Copyright 2002 Kyle Horn

In loving memory of Valerie Self

I had known that you were sick
But I just would not believe that you would ever leave
At least not so soon or so quick
I was so mad at you
But I didn't know why?
I was so lost, that I couldn't even cry
I guess I never realized I had really lost you.

Your daughters came up to me
Wrapped their arms around my neck
I still didn't,
I couldn't,
I had to look back and check
Then I did cry when I could see
The men close the casket.

Copyright 2001 Chloe Davis


I am not dead
Do not grieve for me
Imagine yourself asleep
You cannot see the trees though you may dream of them
You no longer feel the night air though it breathes upon you
You hear not the owl that calls to the world
Yet your heart beats into the morning
Another day

When you wake to this new day
Do not forever walk my trodden path
Do not gaze at my picture for it sees you not
Do not cherish my things for they are no longer mine
Do not wish me in your yesterdays, but in
Another day

When you move to a new life
Do not take me in bags and boxes
Take memories in your heart where I am at home
Then I will follow when the path is clear of muddy grief
When the crying ends and love begins
Another day

When you remember me
Remember that all I now am cannot be touched
Like love and charity and forgiveness
My life was not about flesh and bone, so weep not for its demise
Remember your feelings and we will always feel we have
Another day

Copyright 2001 Paul Flynn

This poem is written in memory of Julia Elizabeth Schmidt. Her sudden death at 16 tore our small school of 670 girls apart. She was a wonderful friend and we will miss her always

Six thousand seven hundred fingertips
Wiping tears
From one thousand three hundred forty grieving eyes
Because there should be
Six thousand seven hundred ten fingertips
Owners of one thousand three hundred forty-two smiling eyes
But one is missing

And six hundred seventy
Will yearn for the days of six hundred seventy-one
When the world was whole and the future was bright
And we thought one thousand three hundred forty-two hands
Would surely be holding twelve roses each
At their graduations

But for now
The six hundred seventy will have to
Rest in peace
Knowing that they have
One guardian angel
With two perfect white wings.

Copyright 2002 Bridget A. Cornett

In memory of Julia Elizabeth Schmidt: July 4, 1985 - January 18, 2002. Died suddenly in a tragic car accident at the age of 16. Julia was an amazing person, an awesome lacrosse player, and my best friend. I will remember her always.

Lauren R., Age 17 --- Ohio

My sister-in-law, Jackie Tully, who now is dancing on streets of gold, wrote this poem. Yes, Jackie, your life has just begun. She had been battling breast cancer for 6 years at the time. She has gone home now but her memory and love lives in all of us that knew her.

Oh what monster do I know
As it sits and tries to grow
Do not think that you will succeed
For you have met your match in me

Oh what Life you have tried to change
But I am smart, I will rearrange
Do not think that you have won
Because my fight has just begun

Oh what Sense of loss of flesh
As I have to lose my breast
Do not think you can hide or breed
For you will not find a home in me

Oh what poison will make me sick
But you will die with every drip
Do not think now you can escape
Because I know you have met your fate

Oh what you put my body through
As I find ways to rid of you
Do not think you can live in me
For I am going to strangle thee

Oh what times I go through depression
But I will take medication for suppression
Do not think you have got me down
Because I have just released the hounds

Oh what monster do I know
But I have to tell you so
Do not think that my life is done
For now, My life has just begun

Copyright 2000 Jackie Tully
Submitted by Sue DiTullio --- Ohio

It took me just over 30 minutes to free the words onto paper and just over 30 years of pressure to be released almost instantly by doing so. Sexual abuse should not be kept quiet and help for all affected should be embraced.


The sun is sparkling across the morning grass
I wonder if these feelings will ever pass.
It's such a beautiful day, so why am I blue?
Of course, I forgot, my colors are tainted in hue.

The anger, the hate, the disgust is strong
I know what he did was very wrong
Why in my head do I believe this to be true
But in my heart I feel a warped point of view

The anger, the hate and disgust are not just for him
I blame myself for reacting so dim.
So I was a child, what do you expect?
I knew right from wrong so why did I neglect?

I could have walked away and saved my heart
From the abuse and damage he invoked from the start.
The memories go as far back as they can
A little baby girl he set out to damn.

Was it fear, curiosity or desire I felt?
Probably all of the above with the emotional cards we are dealt.
Does this scare you when you read my inner thoughts?
Its tough to face the truth even when its sought.

Fear makes sense to all concerned
Curiosity can be a painful lesson learned
All kids have this trait to varying degrees
But desire? No way! Do you refuse to believe?

This is how programmed our minds have become
I know what you are thinking and its a sexual one.
Consider for a moment another look at the word
Sexual meaning is not the only connotation to the verb.

The DESIRE to PLEASE is a given in one so young
Why wouldn't they trust and believe in an older one?
To take advantage of this labels one as a coward
Deformed minds are what makes them feel empowered.

It has taken me years to put my demons to rest
Now knowing that there never was a test.
I pressured myself into guilt and self-doubt
I was an innocent child I am happy to shout!

He was to blame for the damage he caused
It was his choice to break all these laws
My family is healing as best as they can
We have taken the power back from this horrible man.

I have children of my own and I vow to protect
By educating them with knowledge that cannot deject.
I want them to be as strong as I feel today
Love, trust and respect is our household mainstay.

I feel sad for you, you pitiful thing.
You know not what strength of character can bring.
I dare not label you within the category of man
It does a disservice to those that can.

I have no fear that one day you will be punished
It may not be by me. Does that astonish?
Oh yes, I look forward to 'your day'
For I will be there in spirit watching you pay!

The sun is sparkling across the morning grass
A faint memory has just floated past.
What a beautiful day, the sky is cornflower blue.
I am so excited for there is so much to do.

Copyright 1999 Trudy Toninato

Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She was my teacher, friend, mentor and loved by not only her family, but also by the community and the students & athletes who's lives she touched.

A million times we've needed you.
A million times we've cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a place
No one could ever fill.

It broke our hearts to see you go,
But you didn't go alone.
A part of us went with you
The day God took you home.

Author Unknown
Submitted by M.E. --- Minnesota

For the bravest person I've every known, my sister, Arlene Joyce Bouche' Deau, who died of breast cancer in 1972 after a long and painful journey to be with her Lord. She was my hero. Not only was she brave in her journey but she was my protector in life. I was always very small and she never let anyone pick on me. SHE WAS MY HERO.

God Bless you and keep you my dear sister. You have left this world but not my heart.


I gazed upon her earthly shell
Through tears that cloudy day,
And as I stood there wondering why
I seemed to hear her say.

Weep not for me because I'm gone.
Weep for yourselves instead.
Weep for the living. Weep for the dying.
But do not weep for the dead.

For I'm not here within this shell
My soul's with God above.
I've left this world to claim my place
In a heavenly world of love.

We've known some laughter and some tears,
They were a part of life.
We've known some sorrow and some fears,
Some anger and some strife.

Rejoice with me, for where I am
There are no tears to shed!
There is no sadness, strife or sorrow;
Only the living dead.

For die we must, to a world of sin,
To gain our place above.
Then die again to earthly ties....
To go with Him in love.

Yes! I am alive in heaven above,
And only joy I sing.
Praise God! For I am now at home
Where angels' voices ring.

Weep not for me because I'm gone.
Weep for yourselves instead.
I'm on My Master's palace now.
To the world I'm only dead.

Copyright 2002 Carol Bouche' Ottlinger

I wrote this the day after my step-dad of 12 years passed away with lung cancer. I think its never know what can happen to you or someone you love dearly. He also taught me to "always say thank you," something I will always remember.

Sometimes things happen,
Things that may never seem true,
Things that don't seem so bad,
Until they happen to you.

Things that change your life forever,
Things that make you not want to go on,
Things you think about wherever,
Things that make you ask "how come?"

But then comes the time,
When you realize you'll be okay,
The time when you learn to accept,
The time when you move on from that day,

The time when you learn that the world's not perfect,
The time you realize the memories will always be there.
Sometimes things happen that are so bad,
Things that make you so sad.

So always remember to say I LOVE YOU,
To those who really matter.
You never know what may come tomorrow.

Written in 2002 by Brandy W., Age 16 --- Texas

In Memory of Jonathan Hills

I went on a cruise a while ago and met this really nice and cute guy. We had a spring fling thing going on and when the cruise ended, we sadly said are good-byes. We continued to talk for awhile but last week I found out he died in a car accident. Since he lived far away, I could not attend his funeral. Just know I will always love you.

Written in 2002 by Sarah, Age 13 --- Florida

My husband died of cancer 6 months ago. It's been really hard; we were together for 18 yrs. He was only 44 years old. I miss him dearly.

He taught me to see when I was blind all things worthwhile,
Then he left me behind to see them all alone......

Copyright 2001 Sue Ader

"You understand. It's too far. I can't take this body with me. It's too heavy."
I said nothing.
"But it'll be like an old abandoned shell. There's nothing sad about an old shell..."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Submitted by Lauren R. --- Missouri

I wrote this poem for my friend Lauren who committed suicide in December.


This anger hurts my ears
This sorrow burns my eyes
Solitude confines me
Still I wonder why I cry

I am angry that you left me
Yet I am happy you're okay
If only I understood your suffering
Take your anguish all away

I know that you can hear me
But still I'm not okay
I wish that I could hold you
Please just take this pain away

I long to hear you laugh
I miss the way you smile
I pray that you watch over us
Be with you in a while

I promise you're a hero
You'll always be a friend
You were an angel sent to guide us
Now you await us in heaven

Your book is now completed
Your story is disclosed
For all who love and cherish you
Your tale won't go untold

Written in 2001 by Stephanie L., Age 15 --- New York

I will never forget that day for as long as I live. It was April 1st, yeah April Fool's day. My friends and I had just finished with dinner and were talking about April Fool's jokes. I was just about to walk out the door when the phone rang. It was Amanda saying, "Nicole, Jason Anctil is dead." I told her that I wasn't going to fall for it; we had just gotten done talking about April Fool's jokes. However, there was a tone in her voice that made me shiver, and then I knew it was true.

Let me just tell you this was a kid who LOVED life more than anyone I have ever met. You would never catch him in a bad mood; his one goal in life was to have fun. He could make fun out of any situation. He was the kind of guy that people loved to be around and he had tons of friends. Nobody didn't like Jason, and he didn't dislike anybody either.

In all the years I knew him- I never once heard him make fun of anybody else. He never let the little things get to him- like I said he just loved life. His famous line was "live a little." He would say- "you can't go to bed, it's only 3:30 a.m.- you have all day to sleep."

All we know is that Jay is gone. At first we were told it was an overdose, but when the results came back it proved there were no drugs in his system. We still don't know what happened to our friend. I just don't get it- he was only 20 years old.

Why am I still here, and getting chances at life, and not him? It's just not fair that a family has to go through what Jay's family is going through. It breaks my heart to know that they will never feel truly happy for as long as the rest of their lives maybe, because a piece of them is gone now too.

He didn't deserve this. He had so many hopes and dreams. There was so much he wanted to accomplish, and will never have the opportunity too now. I mean it when I say this world is a different place without him in it. He didn't wait for things to happen- he made things happen. I just hope that wherever he is now, he is happy.

I hope he also knows that not a day goes by that we don't think about him. Not one day passes that my friends and I don't mention him, and laugh without memories of him. I hope he is happy, but at the same time understands our sadness because he is gone. I know Jay though and he wouldn't want us to grieve for too long, he would want us to be happy. But it's hard, really hard. He was one of a kind, nobody like Jay in this whole big world.

The funeral was the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my entire life, and I never want to experience anything like that again. His death has more than anything taught me that I am not nearly as tough of a person that I used to think I was. At some points I cried so hard that I couldn't breathe, I just wanted to scream as loud as I could because there is no controlling the situation.

Jay is gone, and nobody can ever change that, but all of us would do ANYTHING to have on more day with him in it.

To all of my friends, I love you so much, please be careful- I don't know if I can make it without you.

To Jason, we miss you so much; we will always miss the way you made us all laugh, the way you used to dance around and be the life of the party, that stupid little grin that made you so cute. We will all miss your kindness, and unbelievable personality. And if there is a heaven- God is lucky to have you with him. We will always remember you with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. We will always feel lucky to have known you, and Jason, you will never be forgotten.

Nicole Tardif --- New York

I feel in my heart that by sharing this poem that I wrote in the lowest period of my life, it may help someone that may be going through the loss of a loved one. Originally, I wanted Reba McEntire to sing it because her Broken Heart Album got me through the pain. However, I think Reba is probably a little busy. The song is entitled "Taken Away in the Presence of Angels by the Masters Call". That is what is engraved on my husband's tombstone located in Lewisburg, TN. I love you Clint and will always hold a place for you in my heart. I wrote this 6 years ago.


Nothing can erase the pain of what she's going through
She just lost her husband at the age of twenty-two
She loved him like he was the one that painted the sky blue
Now she's lost in this lonely world and don't know what to do

Her mind knows he went away not too long ago
But her heart tells her she could never let him go
How do you tell a heart that everything that meant anything at all
Was taken away in the presence of the angels by the masters call

Where will she go now
What will she do
How will she move on
When it seems as if the stars have fallen
And all her dreams are gone

Her mind knows he went away not too long ago
But her heart tells her she could never let him go
How do you tell a heart that everything that meant anything at all
Was taken away in the presence of the angels by the masters call

But don't you worry about her
For she will be ok
She knows he's in heaven now preparing her a place to stay
How do you tell a heart that everything that meant anything at all
Was taken away in the presence of the angels by the masters call

Copyright 1996 Stephanie Soulies
The following story was a paper I had to write on imagination. The assignment was to write an Imagination essay on someone that was no longer alive. I wrote this essay from my heart and imagination. It is what I would imagine my late husband would say to me if we were to have a meeting together. This is purely imagination not an after death experience. This essay helped me to heal and I suggest that anyone that is grieving to write a letter to the one you lost and say everything you need to say and when you finish you may burn it. It is a great release of all the emotions and it heals the soul.

In loving memory of
Larry Clinton Smith
18 Sep 67 - 30 May 96

Drifting into daydreams, I find myself in a bad car accident. While the paramedics are working on my body, I die. All of the sudden, I am in a beautiful place but it is not what is expected of heaven. I see someone walking toward me. "I think those gorgeous eyes could only belong to one person. It him, it's really him!" Suddenly I run towards him with open arms; I grab him and hug him tight. I begin talking to the one person that has been the center of my life. I begin to talk to my late husband and tell him that I love him and I miss him very much, as we walk hand-in-hand up a golden winding road surrounded by thorn less, long stem, vibrant rose bushes. "Is this heaven, I asked?"

"No you are just outside of heaven. What is heaven like? I asked. He took my hand and told me that it is too beautiful and peaceful for a living soul to even imagine. "Clint, how is Joey?" He is my nephew who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when he was 3 months old.

"Oh, he is very happy and he makes everyone laugh; he plays with the rest of the children at Jesus' feet. "Stephanie, what did you so after I left?" With tears streaming down my face, I replied, "When you made your transition from this world to heaven, a part of me went with you: the other part of me went crazy trying to hold onto you. I wanted to climb in your casket with you, but was forcefully dragged away from it. Clint, I temporarily lost my sanity when you left me. Watching them throw mounds on dirt on the casket holding the body that I grew accustomed to holding every night, gave me nightmares for years."

"Steph, I tried to tell you several times in your dreams that I wanted you to go on with life. You dreamed of me telling you to get away from me and join the others playing outside, but you held onto me and grieved yourself inside. I was still with you after the funeral. I laid beside you and held you while you cried. You saw me in your vision standing on the beach smiling at you. That was the only way I could tell you I was alright and it was my only way of saying goodbye."

"Clint, I fell apart when you left; the grief inside of me consumed me. I went through several phases of grief, depression, anger, self-pity, hatred, and temporary loss of reality. People urged me to see a counselor or a pastor, but I couldn't do it. You know how stubborn I am. I wanted help so bad, but I felt safer pushing everyone away from me. I was all alone on a new base, and just wanted to make the best impression on my new co-workers. I didn't want them to think of me as their new problem child, so I became a workaholic. I walked around work with the biggest smile to everyone but inside I was screaming for help."

"Depression took over my life. I would sit in the corner of my dark room, crying for hours while holding our wedding picture. A couple of times, I thought that maybe I was in a coma and any moment, I would wake up in a hospital somewhere and you would be standing there waiting for me to wake up. I drove around many of times looking for your car, even though I knew you were gone forever. Several times I wanted to run my truck into a tree, but I figured I would probably survive the accident and become a vegetable for the rest of my life. Momma was the only person that kept me from attempting suicide. I couldn't imagine her having to go to another funeral, especially mine."

"Clint I want to thank you for the eight wonderful years, you spent in my life. Thank you for being my friend, lover and soul mate. Thanks for dancing with me in the living room, watching the sunset with me, listening to all of my goals and dreams, for standing by my side through thick and thin, standing behind me on decisions even if it meant standing in my shadow, and thank you for the memories that will be eternally etched into my heart. I admire you for your courage and faith. I love you and I thank you for loving me. I know that you probably do not think of me. I am sure heaven keeps you occupied enough."

"Stephanie, no boundary can stop me from loving you. I do not worry about you. I watch over you. I will be in heaven waiting for you. I want you to know that is might be a while because your time on earth is not quite finished; there is still a lot for you to do. You have to go back now and take care of Chris and Ricky and complete the job that God has given you to do."

"Clint, I don't want to say goodbye to you for the second time. It was too hard the first time around. Could God use someone else besides me? Could you come with me? Please don't send me back. Why did you have to die? Why did you leave me all alone? I had so much faith that you were going to defeat death but instead you became its victim. Why did you leave this earth when you promised to be with me forever? I am thankful that God sent Chris to me. I love him and our son very much, but I don't understand why he didn't let you stay with me."

"Stephanie, you know that I am in a better place and God has a different plan for you and I was not part of that plan. God sent your husband Chris and blessed you both with a beautiful son to help ease your pain you suffered, but he also knows the outline of your life and it is greater than you can possibly imagine. Do not grieve over the past; there is so much more involved in your future."

"I apologize for being so angry with you, when you left. Many of times, I stood in my empty apartment and cursed you for leaving me all alone even though I knew it was not your fault. I am also sorry I became so mad at God for taking you without taking me."

"Stephanie, I love you. Go back knowing I am waiting for you, knowing that I am watching over you and knowing you can make a difference in someone else's life. You know where I am; I live in your heart and for that fact you never have to tell me goodbye ever again."

Before I go, Clint will you tell Joey to come here and see his Aunt Stephie just for a minute? Clint, I will always love you and miss you; I will come home soon when my work is done. Goodbye Gorgeous." As Clint faded out of sight, Joey ran up to me and gave me a warm embrace. No sooner than he hugged me, I felt a terrible pain in my chest. I tried to scream but I couldn't make a sound. I opened my eyes to an extremely bright light. I was in the hospital. The doctors were performing CPR on me. As I opened my eyes, I noticed a look of relief on the surgeon's face. My eyes scanned the room and I noticed Chris standing at the window watching me with worry and fear in his eyes. When he noticed I was looking at him he started yelling, "Thank you, God!" over and over.

A couple of weeks past by and they released me from the hospital. After I got home, I told Chris about my out-of-body experience. I told him about Clint, our conversation, the place where we were, and about Joey. I began to tell him God has a definite plan for us and we were meant to be together.

After the after-death experience, I realized how much I take everything for granted. For now on I vow to hold each moment in my life near to my heart. I will try my best to make a difference in somebody's life. I will try to live each day to my fullest potential. I will always remember to live in the present and only use the memories of my past to motivate me into the future.

Copyright 2002 Stephanie Soulies

At this time of sadness
Words aren't so easy to say
What I want to do is comfort you
Help take your grief away

You aren't alone in sorrow
My thoughts are there with you
If you need someone to listen
Or just to talk things through

I'll do my best to sympathize
And I'm sure you'll come to know
In time you'll see the reason
Your loved one had to go

It's a temporary situation
Tell yourself that instead
Your loved one hasn't left you
They've just walked on ahead

Author Unknown
Submitted by Graham Rice --- England, United Kingdom

My best friend in the world, passed away on March 1, 2002, after a severe car accident. She was just 23 years old. This is the poem I read out at her funeral. I will love and miss her everyday of my life xxx.


The pain is all around me and I don't know what to do.
How can I bear it all the time and try to make it through?
I always knew I loved you; I just didn't know how deep.
I really thought you would be mine, for all my life to keep.

I liked you and I loved you more with all the passing days.
You were wonderful and marvelous in many different ways.
Now I don't know where, or how, to send you all my love.
Is there some way for me to find you in your world above?

Who were you? Were you 'real' and did you in fact exist?
Most days I seem to search for you - you are so very missed.
Sometimes I can picture you and you feel so very near,
But I can't show my love now I can't find you here.

My mind knows but just can't understand your death.
Or how it can still be possible for me to take a breath.
You're so much a part of me, how can you just be 'gone';
and how can a broken heart still beat and carry on?

I wish I could be someone else but that would mean no 'you'.
I must live with pain and longing but give life a brighter hue.
I must find a place to send my love, which grows with every day.
So let me know that you're alright, and love will find its way.

Author Unknown
Submitted by Sarah Cliffe --- Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

To my Brother Shane; we still love you, please watch out for me, Jeffrey, Jason and Mark. ONE LOVE

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be,
So He put his arms around you, and whispered, "Come to me."
With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away.
Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay
A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.

Author Unknown
Submitted by Gregory R., Age 16 --- Massachusetts

"Perhaps they are not just the stars, but openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones shine through."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Becky O., Age 13 --- Connecticut
"I asked God why he took you, but then I realized that God needs angels, angels who care. He needs angels to watch over anyone, no matter what race, what background. He needs caring hearts up there, and angels who love everyone, that's why you're with him."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Becky O., Age 13 --- Connecticut

After finding this site for the first time, I was overwhelmed by emotions and inspired to express my feelings. I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was very young. All of the emotions are normal and they will continue to be present in your lives, just at different levels. Embrace them; let yourself understand them. So here is where I am ...

It's been so long since I've seen you,
Yet I keep saying, "I'm not ready for you to go,
Why did you have to leave us?
I'm not ready to say goodbye."

I wonder if you're looking down,
I wonder if you are proud of whom I have become.
I want to go back and change the past,
I want to stay by your side through it all.
And no, I don't want to play,
Not knowing if you will be here the next day.

I still write you letters,
As though you will reply.
Kel and I still have our rainbow hearts,
As though it will bring us closer to you.
I want to let go but it hurts so badly.

I remember all of the things you said.
But I didn't know then,
How much it would hurt me in the end.
You will forever be in my heart and mind PopPop,
I miss you so very much.

Written in 2002 by M.G. --- New Jersey

I might not have known Anelise for very long, but I will remember her for so much longer..........
Anelise Adams - August 1988-August 2000


One Happy girl
One smiling girl
One caring girl
One loving girl
One considerate girl
One polite girl
One unique girl
One popular girl
One liked girl
One missed girl

One Happy girl...whose days were numbered
One Happy Girl...whom heaven sent for
One Happy girl...who will be missed
One Happy girl...who can make this dedication
One Happy girl...Anelise Adams
One Happy Girl

Sent in by E.O., Age 12 --- Illinois

My grandmother, Aniceta de Guzman, passed yesterday due to diabetes and tomorrow would have been her 79th birthday. I am going to miss her so much. Grandma, your suffering has finally gone and now you can rest and be with the lord who has given you wings to fly. That must be why I saw a flock of birds circling around me.

You were there, I know,
I cried tears of knowing that it is really true,
Tears of sadness that I lost you.
The legacy you left behind will always live.
Forever within our hearts and minds,
You will not drift because through all the wonderful memories you instilled,
We keep you close to us.

A humble woman who always puts others before herself
Touching the lives of her children and grandchildren
Oh how you embraced us with your love.
You were the foundation that kept us together and
Without you now, we grow even closer
Because you taught us the great meaning of family
If only there were more time that the lord could have allowed you...
If only you knew the impact you had on each of us...
If only...

Submitted by Sharon de Guzman --- California