My mom died a few weeks ago. It is very devastating to lose someone so close to your heart, and you can't believe they are really gone. Your sight has helped me so much, and I wrote a poem for my Mommy.

Her voice, her laugh, her smile
Will all be missed for a while
But then we realize
And look up to clear blue skies
We wipe the tears from our face
She is in a better place
The love she had will never end
We'll always remember her, our dear friend
We will see her again someday
When all our fears are washed away
So hold fast to the memory
And think of things that soon will be
Together again, a family
My Daddy, my sister, my Mommy, and me.

Cassandra --- 12 years old


This is a poem in honor of an Angel....Eric...He was fighting with cancer and he did beat cancer no matter what anyone says...He died at age 17...but he put up a strong battle. We love you Eric...


All he wanted was to be ok
He wanted to breath again
He didn't want to suffer anymore
He didn't want to be in any more pain
But most of all he what he wanted was
To be in school with all his friends

To be there everyday
While we are upset because we had to be here
He was upset because he couldn't be here
He wanted to be with his friends 24/7
But he couldn't
He was in the hospital 85% of the time
He got a lot of blood transfusions
He counts were down a lot
He got sick very easily

All he wanted was to be ok
Now he is at rest
He can breath easy
He isn't suffering anymore
He isn't in anymore pain
Now he is with all of us at heart

Written in 2002 by Deanna B., Age 16 --- Minnesota

I couldn't believe the death of my Nan, which took place around Christmas time in 2001, even though she was already 87 years old. It was a difficult time for me, especially as she was close to my mother, me and also my sister. I couldn't sleep for days on end as I couldn't foresee the future without her by my side And one night, I suddenly woke up and felt I had to note down all I was feeling and the following is the result of that. It always brings me comfort and happiness still to this day. I had a look on your excellent website, and felt I had to share this with you. I hope it brings you as much comfort as it did (and still does) with me.

You may be gone
But you're still in our hearts and everyday thoughts
We haven't lost you really, is my view
Your face, your laughter, your smile
Your sense of humour and your touch may be no more
Cherished memories are all I have of you.

It is comforting to know
You were never alone during those moments,
We'll never forget,
Which were always shared
At times when you were confused or upset.

You often spoke of your Mother, and also of Grand Dad
When I think of all of the years I have had with you
That is how long they have been waiting
Now it's your turn to wait for me

But I know you would want my life to be lived
Without much sadness nor weeping.
At a certain date, a moment in time
You were called
And we parted
For you to create a beautiful path of your favourite
Each flower for every moment when you will be watching over me
For us to follow, and be re-united.

Life without you was unimaginable
But I'm going through it now
Yet I'm laughing still, and others are too
You gave me loving memories
For me to remember with a smile
And maybe a secret tear or two.

Afraid of the unknown I once was
For I believed it was the end
Your departure erased that fear
I won't be alone at the end, I know now
Because you'll be there to welcome me
The beginning of another life together.
Being my grandmother

You were loved, just as much as you'd loved us
The best thing in the world, was your greatest vow
Your love
Which is why I don't need to say 'Bye for forever'
Simply 'Goodnight for now'

Copyright 2001 Lisa Davies

Jantsen Cope was just 16 years old when he died suddenly from a brief illness. This poem was created to help keep his memory alive. It is dedicated to his loving family and all families who grieve for a child.


There'll be no tears in Heaven,
I've heard the good folks say,
It's Paradise beyond your dreams,
With Beauty on display.
So it was no surprise to me,
To wake up on this side,
But when I knew you were not there,
I hung my head and cried.

And then an Angel came to me,
And lifted up my face.
"I've never seen a tear before,
Since I've been in this place.
Why are you crying my young man?
What makes you feel so sad?
Is Heaven not all that you dreamed?"
I said, "I miss my Dad."

"I miss my Mom and Sister,
And everyone who cared.
Nanny's crying, Papa's hurt,
And my cousins are so scared.
My loving Aunts and Uncles,
Are trying to be strong.
They want to try the best they can,
To help my folks along."

The Angel said, "Oh, now I see,
Why you are sad to find,
Your family's on the other side,
You've left them all behind.
But I have something wonderful,
To tell you, please come near,
Although they are not with you now,
One day they'll all be here.
You've only gone ahead of them,
You're starting life anew,
They cannot be here with you now,
They still have things to do.
And even though it seems to be,
A real long time to them,
In Heaven it will only be a moment,
My new friend.
So come with me, I'll show you now,
Amazing things to see,
And when they come,
They'll be so glad, to see you here with me."

There'll be no tears in Heaven,
You've heard the good folks say,
And we will be in Paradise,
Forever and a day.

Copyright 2002 Brenda Durant

This is a poem I wrote about my mother and father who are no longer with me.


I may not live the life that my friends life everyday.
When they wake up to their mother and father
I wake up to my sister and her three kids.
When they wake up and smile for being able to see another day
I cry and say why must they torture me this way?

When they go to school with no worries on their mind
I wonder if my mom and dad are smiling down.
When they return home to an after school snack
I get on the Internet just to keep from crying.
When they eat dinner with their parents each night,
I take mine to my room
Because I can't bare to let people see me put up a fight.

When they close their eyes and think about their good day
I think about how I wish there could be a better way.
When they're dreaming about nice cars and fortune in their lives
I'm thinking about how my mother and father are no longer in my life.

Copyright 2002 Krystal Bernard