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Give A New Life!

If you have seen the worst tide,
You would know the strength of that new light.
Wake up and shower that new sheen on those who yearn for it!

If you have witnessed the stern agony,
You would know the secret to heal too.
Wake up and pour your power-to-heal on those who crave for it!

If you have lived your life to the extreme for that dream victory,
You would know what it takes to achieve greatness.
Preach it to those who have gone weak in their knees!

If you have gone mad enough to fulfill your long time aspiration,
You would know how sweet those sweats tasted.
Share your will with those who wish it!

If tomorrow doesn't take your attendance,
Fret not, for if you make a difference,
It will come searching for you!

Let the stars look out for you,
And the sunshine spell your name.
Don't fade with the diminishing sun,
Keep treading like the stern wave.

For legends are not born, they are created from great souls,
But, for it to happen,
They rent their peace and employ the best of their will.
They program their consequences and learn the art of mastery.

If you know the way to this road,
Help and configure in others who require it,
Strive and let strive,
The power is yours,
Give a new life!

Copyright 2010 Bistriti Poddar
I am a professional web content writer and love writing poetry and hold an expertise in writing blogs, articles, press releases, and the likes. I am quite an ardent person and seek possibilities even in harsh climate.

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