How Badly Do You Want Your Dream?

Dreams Can Come Tue

Back in 1959 Walt Disney said,
"If you can dream about it... you can make it happen!!"

A good friend of mine Gabriel, had a tiny farm near Medellin, Colombia in a little town called San Pedro de Los Milagros. He only had a cow and dreamed about having a large cattle ranch.

He looked at the horizon every sunset and once he told his father, "Jose, I would like to have that land over thereÖ how can I get it?"

His father encouraged him to go and talk to the landowner to see how they could obtain the land.

Gabriel replied, "But we donít have the money."

His father said, "Do not worry; go and talk to him."

Several years have passed and right now Gabriel not only owns the land but Via Lactea Theme Park that includes several hundred cows, an small zoo, canopy, horse ride cabalgatas, four wheels motos and much more fun for the whole family enjoyment.

A year ago, when the park was already attracting a huge number of ecotourist, Gabrielís wife Sarah had a dream... "I want to build the biggest cow in the world ", she said.

They called a friend of mine, Manuel Hernandez, for this task. In three days he had plans for the whole project. Then they asked, "How much will it cost?"

Manuel mentioned a big sum of money.

"Nobody will loan us that quantity of money to build a Cow", they thought but the manager of the bank trusted them and their dreams.

Last October, La Manuela, the biggest cow in the world was opened to the public.

It is 9 meters tall and 16 meters long. The cow actually eats you ...and you travel inside the cow learning how grass is converted into milk. Afterwards, you descend from the udder of the cow lift completing a 17 minute magical ride inside the cow.

Moral of the story: If you can dream about it and you put all your energy and foremost desire to make it happen, it will become a reality despite how difficult or expensive it may sound.

Written in 2009 by Gustavo Aldolfo Velez --- Columbia
My entire family and I were invited for the official opening of the park; we flew from Bogota and my kids loved the magical experience. I do not want it to sound like we are promoting the park; but encouraging people to make their dreams come true with the story.