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In a matter of seconds, my life was thrashed in every direction possible, leaving my emotions and me in a vigorous frenzy. Overwhelming emotions, thoughts, and feelings began flooding into every part of my body. The confusion of not knowing where I was and what just happened was enough to create a major panic. Natural reactions instinctively occurred easing my pain, which caused me to be calm and collective while I assessed my wreck.

After realizing my available options, I reacted quickly to better my chances for safety. Through the awful pain, that increasingly grew worse by each second, I stopped and thought about certain cinematic situations that were similar, causing me to smile and even let out a small giggle. The humor caused a brief, yet instant relief of my pain and worries, allowing me to advance to safety without even realizing it.

Looking back, I now see that my mind/body was instinctively reacting in a way that my focus was to safety, leaving no reason to give up. Dealing with all my emotions and confusion I found myself lost in a constant swirl of wonder. This wonder was nothing more than me thinking what could've happened if something was different. These constant thoughts lead me nowhere but down when I then realized the opposite side I've forgotten. One should absolutely have no need to grieve over a situation that could've happened, but simply take the situation that did happen for what it was to move on.

This feeling lingered around slightly even through the mental wars I've battled through. This feeling was suddenly washed away as fast as my life had shook to the ground. A feeling of certainty overwhelmed me, allowing my sleepless nights to disappear. It was then that I realized my body didn't give up on me through the absolute worst thing I've ever gone through. A sign I could never ignore.

I gave it a lot of thought as it became very clear. My body was my weapon and my mind was the ammunition. I shot up and out of this slump as quickly, if not faster than I got into it. No more feeling of shame and no more feeling of sorrow. My body and mind collectively had withstood the most amounts of pain and struggles that I've ever encountered in my life overall combined. The clouds in my mind parted, leaving me nothing but a well lit path to continue on with life's journey.

The pain and suffering were gone mentally and the physical wounds remained; just a matter of time. My pure senses of relief lead me to have the fastest recovery physically, which was often commented on by Drs. and Therapists. The fusion of my mind and body allowed me to rise up and overcome the worst situation I've ever dealt with.

You too can overcome and conquer, as long as you assimilate every part of you and stick to it.

Copyright 2010 Joseph Torres

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