A Magical Moment

Do You Believe In Magic?

The beach road is long, winding and wide
The moon's up tonight and with it the tide

Cars screech by, with evil glaring eyes
Down below the asphalt, the soul of the road cries

The beach is silent, just like the night
Not a soul around, save the devil in sight

The rumbling of the sea, and the swoosh of the trees
Makes me cherish moments, as precious as these

Moments like these, quite magical and rare
In solitude and with you, I'd love to share

As I see the calmness of the sea’s sheen
I look for the same within

Nature in its sparkling splendor
Makes me stare in amazing wonder

The sea, the sand and the serenity
Shows the unique trinity

This magical moment seemed just for me
And I knew in my heart that it is meant to be

Copyright © 2010 Lubinisha Saha
I often call myself an amateur scribbler who is very passionate about writing and learning new things. Apart from "practicing law", I also love to travel, indulge in culinary delights and dance. I believe that my writings are mystic at times and realistic at times. I write short stories, flash fiction, poetry, explore realistic topics including topics on advertising and creative trends in my world of mystic realism.

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