Do You Believe In Yourself?

Belief Is The Secret Of Success

Behind all success stories there is only one simple secret, that is "Belief". It generates extra energies to accomplish hard tasks and to get rare distinction.

Belief is hidden strength and one's own power.Without firm belief in you, all your intellectual capabilities will be futile. Your belief can raise you above discouraging circumstance, disappointing and ridicule. Unfortunately, many youngsters lack this and hence their performance is miserable in various situations.

The simple word 'Belief" creates wonders and see its greatness in you.

A few years ago a college student, who was struggling to build his career, appeared for his professional examination. He attempted his first paper excellently but he imagined that he performed badly.

Keeping this in mind, he lost concentration for the rest of the subjects and in turn, didn't write the other subjects well. Later on, the results came out that the paper he thought was poorly written had secured top marks in the college but in the other subjects, he failed. Why did this happen? The reason is simple: lack of belief in himself.

To become successful, your task is to fuel your mind with positive thoughts only. Under no circumstances should you deposit negative thoughts in your mind bank.

Negative emotions are the real enemies which ruin your career. They are the obstacle for your progress. So, don't underestimate your talents and try to overcome all weaknesses. Once a negative thought grips you, it has a tendency to breed itself and produces an endless chain of similar weak thoughts. In such a situation your self confidence is under great pressure.

You have to believe that your worth is great and tell yourself you can do everything. So, your foremost duty is "like yourself and know your power".

Undesirable criticism can be most demoralizing and it induces in a person a poor estimate of his own powers and inhibits his efforts. Remember, don't allow people's negative criticism to take hold of you and make you its victim. But most of us think small and become small. To like yourself means to like your body, your brain and your situation without any grumbling and comparisons with others.

A confident person is sure of his capabilities and doesn't need to trot them out. Most students postpone their work due to lack of belief in them. This will seriously affect their future career. A combination of belief and self confidence makes impossible things possible.

So, believe in your hidden strengths and talents. It is a very great achievement indeed!

Copyright 2009 Srinivas Vissapragada
Assistant Professor, K L University Business School
Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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