Self Confidence Helps You Control Your Life

Who's In Charge Of Your Life?

Sometimes it sounds foolish or frustrating to think positive when times are really bad and a few people make it worse for you, doesn't it?

But just tell me, if I call you tomorrow morning, while you are still in bed and say, "You are an Angel for me and I'm blessed to have such a good person in my life. May God bless you".

How would you feel?

Won't it be a great feeling and a great way to start a fantastic day?

Next morning I again call you but this time I say, "You Rascal! You are the dumbest and most foolish person on the earth I've ever met. You screwed me and you will be screwed...etc".

How would you feel now?

Of course it would be a frustrating day, with a sad feeling, because you heard all the crap in the morning while you were still in bed!

Now answer my question - "Who is controlling 'your' life?"

Am I supposed to control YOUR life? Is that right?

When I say something good about you, does it makes you a good person and vice versa?


Before you were born, God put in nine months of effort to create you. Would anyone waste nine months intentionally? NO... NEVER. He made you for a 'Purpose'.

So, don't hand over control of your life to anyone else.

Instead of saying "Take Care", say," Take a chance, Take charge and create an opportunity", as obstacles are only illusions!

Shiv Khera and Dr. Robert Schuller
--- Submitted by Mandar C. Jambotkar --- India

Just think of yourself; this happens many times. People talk bad about us and we take it personally. If you try to give me $50 but I don't take it, with whom does that $50 lie? YOU! Apply this same principle to whatever negative or bad you come across, as it is NOT for why bother about it?