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What Kind Of Warrior Are You?

December 9, 2011


In My Life

When I was young, I was taught to be kind to others. I even took a whooping until one day I engraved it in my heart. Right up to this day, I've never forgot my lessons - that kindness is one of my greatest purposes in life.

Then I was taught not to listen and be far away from those who discourage you. Never fight with those who hurt or try to fight you, walk away silently. They may call you a coward or... no warrior. Then I asked why should I walk away and yet you spend everyday telling me to be a brave?

I was told an Angel doesn't fight. It is wise never to draw your sword and attack those who stand in your way, be calm and you will find peace, be wise and you will see beyond what's to happen.

Remember, there are many kinds of warriors amongst us:

  • There are warriors, who invade others because they are not wise.
  • We call them Hyenas.

  • There are warriors, who are driven by their feelings.
  • We call them Vipers.

  • There are warriors, who devote their lives to wisdom so they can be humble and find peace (even at war).
  • We call them Angels.

Then I was asked, "You have been blessed with great courage and everything else that makes a warrior. What kind of warrior are you? A Hyena or a Viper or an Angel?"

I said an Angel.

Then I was told to treat everyone and everything that you meet in your path with that heart. Be unbreakable, be humble and always look at others with the eyes of love and you will be stronger than any warrior who walks on this earth.

--- Copyright © 2011 Kiplimo Chemirmir
Also known as "Runimal", Kiplimo is a true humanitarian and an elite runner from Eldama Ravine, Kenya.

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