God granted me an angel seventeen years ago
To watch over and protect me as I began to grow
God gave my angel instructions on how to care for me
My angel followed His guidelines just so perfectly
When I'm scared he comforts me and fights off all harms
There is no better protector than an angel's arms

He picks me up when I'm tired and I can no longer stand
For the best place to rest is in the palm of an angel's hand
He carries me when I'm weak and feeble and feel as though I'm beat
High expectations of transportation upon an angel's feet
He guides me when my paths get crossed and in my way lie boulders
You can always see very clearly on top an angel's shoulders

I wouldn't trade my angel for any other one
He is there by my side till everyday is done
I love my angel very much he means a lot to me
I thank my angel for what he's done in showing me how to be
The angel is very special; it's someone close to me
This angel is my Dad; he's everything an angel should be

Copyright © 2002 Tracey Moriarty