The sun arose, as it always did,
The birds began they song.
The flowers bloomed, as they felt the light,
Another day has been born.

Slowly and naturally the world awakes,
It's time to start a day.
A day for some, like any other,
While for some, a day to remember.

The hustle and bustle begin as usual,
The kids getting ready for school.
Moms or Dads are off to work.
Everyone is doing the usual.

The birds and beasts go hunting their food.
The bees have sensed the flowers.
The winds are moving as nature planned,
Bringing clouds and cool summer showers.

Here and there, new babies are born,
Bringing joy and laughter along.
While somewhere else, a loved one is gone,
Bringing sadness and tears to mourn.

Long lost friends are meeting again.
Two lovers are lost in a kiss.
Someone is upset; something went wrong.
A friendship has been broken for long.

Time is moving; the sun is high,
Two friends are sharing their food.
Some are hungry, with nothing to eat,
Waiting for someone to feed them.

Some have settled for an afternoon nap,
Some are too busy for that.
The birds are resting their tired wings.
But the day is not over as yet.

Tragedy strikes, the innocents are lost,
It's what the news did say.
Evil and corruption are on the move,
It's the same old story every day.

Somewhere else, a discovery is made.
A New Hope, for the world,
A disease so rare, has been cured for good,
A miracle has just taken place.

Back to home from work or school,
Time to relax at last.
A hectic day it has been for some,
For some, a day like the past.

The sun has finally set at last,
Darkness begins to fall.
Both big and small find their way back home,
Birds, beasts, bugs and all.

Families are now together at last,
With stories about their day,
While some are alone, lonely and sad,
With no one to listen or care.

Twinkling high in the velvet sky,
The stars can now be seen.
Its time to leave the past behind,
It's time to relax the mind.

So I say goodnight, now close your eyes,
And dream the night away.
Sleep well my friend, till morning dawns,
For another beautiful day.

Copyright © 2001 Anthony A. Rego