Mothers: Truly Great Souls

For All Our Beautiful Mothers

Ma, Mother, Mamma,
Mom, Mai or Amma,
Màna, Anya or Mati,
She has names in variety,
Love, she renders amazing,
Impressions made, lasting!
In her hands gentle,
A safe haven we found,
Brought out did she,
All the love in her soul!
Watching us grow and play,
Still silently standing and praying,
Never wanting any glory,
Sacrificing was she,
Evident by her energy,
For us, anytime – anywhere,
What we needed most,
She knew, she gave!

Her understanding wonderful,
Making us know we are worthy!
Love, incredible she pours,
Unmatched by human scores,
Dignifying our being,
Making us feel loved and big!
Prayers sincere, she makes,
That safe may we be.
Ever ready to share our burdens,
With the hands,
That bore us, years ago!

Years may have flowed,
Words may have faded,
Truly the greatness of a mother,
Stands beyond!
Why not let us tell her:
Mamma, your love,
Makes happy, my journey!
Love you always Amma,
For what you are – truly a great soul!

Copyright © 2010 Sam Vijay Kumar

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