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Letters from HiZen
Letter Twenty-One

(This is the final letter in the series)
August 10, 2012


The Family Dinner - A Chat With Kwame And Final Outcomes

Dear Child,

As you well know, Kwame is our adopted son from Africa. He is really timid and loves to be by himself a lot of the time.

One thing I do know about Kwame, is that he has a very creative mind, so he often daydreams. Once he reads from a book or a novel, he goes off into his own fantasy world. Unfortunately, he has not been able to put such creativity into his studies in school. He says the subjects in school are boring and quite hard to understand.

I used FAST(in) in my marriage and now the goal was to introduce it to the entire family. I needed to know what Kwame was considering as important and how we would use FAST(in) to solve it.

When I got to Kwame's room, I saw him lying down on his bed, looking at the ceiling, lost in his fantasy world.

'Kwame, everyone is down stairs, why don't you come and join us?' I said calmly.

'I don't want to see anyone, I just want to be by myself,' Kwame said in a low and sad tone.

'Kwame, I know you love to be by yourself, but I can tell something is wrong. A real man must learn how to share his concerns with others and find ways to solve them. Most men don't do that. You are not most men Kwame, you are different and special,' I said.

On hearing that, Kwame sat up and told me what had happened in school; how he tried to impress a certain girl ( Evelyn Richardson) and how he ended up embarrassing himself.

I did my best to pay attention to Kwame because he was explaining it to me with the utmost level of importance. I didn't want to say Kwame was paying attention to the wrong thing and he should forget about girls now and simply concentrate on his books. However, I know what it means for a dad not to pay attention to what his young son finds important.

I was a victim of that, because my dad did that to me. When I needed someone to talk to about my life as a teenager, he was always busy and never had my time. When my father did have my time, he only made fun of me and said I wasn't paying attention to the serious things in life. It really shocked me.

This caused me to resolve never to talk to my father about my personal issues again. It resulted in me joining bad gangs and taking drugs with them. I promised myself I wasn't going to do that with any of my children.

Unfortunately, Chuk became a victim as well from me. I needed to make amends, so Kwame was my second chance.

'Kwame, what do the students know Evelyn for?' I asked.

'Well, She is pretty and popular.' he replied.

Is that all there is to Evelyn? I asked again.

'I'm sure there is more, I just don't know yet. I guess it is because I'm not close to her,' he replied.

'Ok, Kwame, I know you have a creative mind; how many students know you have a creative mind?' I asked further.

'I don't know, people seem to concentrate more on what I wear than what I can do,' he said.

'If I gave you something that could cause people to know you have a very creative mind, will you take it?' I asked.

'Of course,' he replied.

'Ok son, let me tell you what we are going to do.'

So, I explained what Fast(in) was and how I used it to improve my relationship with my wife. I said we would find a way for him to use Fast(in) in school to put his creative mind into use.

'Does that mean I would have a method of learning in a creative way?' he asked inquisitively.

'Hmmm, I like the sound of that,' he said.

I said, Let's call it 'THE FAST(IN) METHOD OF LEARNING'

Lessons to live by 'Cool !!!!!!!!' Kwame said, as he stood up and began to jump on his bed.

'So, will this help me to get close to Evelyn?'

I laughed at Kwame, and said by the time we are done with it, Evelyn would be the least of his worries.

'Dad, are you sure?' Kwame said laughing.

'Let's go downstairs and get something to eat, I'm hungry,' I said.

'Me too,' he replied.

And so, we headed downstairs to meet the others to have a wonderful dinner.

'Mission accomplished,' I whispered in the ear of my wife, as we stood back and watched the children talking with each other and laughing while they all sat at the dinner table.

They were all at peace again. Fast(in) had just been introduced into their lives and our fingers were crossed with the hope that it would bring the change they all desperately desired and needed.


2. Joan, The Spouse and Parent :- THE FAST(IN) LIFESTYLE

3. Matilda, The Employee :- THE FAST(IN) EFFICIENCY TOOLS


This really was a new beginning for the family.

Then my wife added her own part.

She said we all had a FAST(IN) QUEST, and we were to be known as Questers.

Each of them should get a journal and begin to document daily experiences of how they developed and applied their Fast(in) Platforms to their different lives.

We all sat on the table and had a wonderful dinner. I then raised my glass and said, 'The Fast(in) Quest'

Everyone raised their glasses and joined in, 'The Fast(in) Quest'

'Cheers, Cheers, Cheers' echoed in the air with laughter.

Dear Child, that moment was one of the happiest in my life.

I hope my letters have added value to your life in one way or the other.

I understand it is a lot to take in, it took me many years to find the answer, but I applied it and it made wonders.

Do all you can to be the best and stay the best.

Remember, your Culture is Everything.



--- Copyright © 2011 HiZen-3 Ltd
This story is a series of letters written by Segun Cadmus, Manager, HiZen-3 Ltd, a company created to be the Ultimate guide in Culture Management at work and life. Please visit us at: for more information about what we do.

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