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Letters from HiZen
Letter Twenty

(This is the twentieth letter in the series)
July 13, 2012


The Family Dinner - Part 3 - Joan

Dear Child,

I was making progress with my children. So far, I have talked to Matilda and Chuk; both had good outcomes.

They were given:

1. The FAST(IN) EFFICIENCY TOOLS ( for Employees )


Both of my children had issues that involved business or working in an organisation.

Joan's case was completely different. She was having difficulty with her marriage; she got pregnant unexpectedly. To make matters worse, Bill, her husband couldn't handle the shock; so he left her.

How on earth was I going to handle her matter?

My wife suggested she talked with Joan first, before we talked with her together. Joan was really depressed.

While I talked with the other children, my wife was talking to Joan in our bedroom. It was a coincidence that when I had finished my talk with Chuk, my wife had calmed Joan down. They were coming from our bedroom when they saw Chuk, who told them to meet me in the study.

Fortunately, My wife had already told Joan about Fast(in) and how I was able to use it to help our marriage. Joan obviously needed to know how to apply Fast(in) in her marriage. We told her not to divorce Bill; we would try to look for him and talk to him. There had to be an explanation.

We asked if Joan wanted to stay with us until she had resolved her marriage issues with Bill. She gladly agreed. In fact, she said it was a good chance to observe me and see how Fast(in) was working in our marriage.

I gave Joan more information about Fast(in) and the test I did on myself to understand how I think and how my way of thinking could either helped or destroyed my relationship with my wife. Joan laughed at some of the examples I used when I was explaining my Fast(in) results in marriage. She was even surprised and looked at my wife in amazement at how far I had gone to help my marriage.

'Fast(in) has become a lifestyle to you in marriage?' she commented.

'Yes,' I replied.

Lessons to live by 'And you will be able to do the same in your lifestyle as well,' my wife added.

So, Joan was given "THE FAST(IN) LIFESTYLE"

'I love Bill so much, I want us to resolve this as soon as possible,' she said in a sorrowful tone.

'Hopefully, we will achieve it, as long as we work on it together,' my wife said as she held Joan's hand.

'Thanks Mum, Thanks Dad,' Joan said with a reassuring smile. 'Things will definitely change for the better.'

I said I was going to check on Kwame because he said he wasn't feeling too good.

Joan was left in the study with my wife as I walked upstairs to check on Kwame. It had been a while since we had a father and son talk; Kwame often said he wanted his privacy. This was my chance to connect again.

Kwame had his own student issues and it wasn't about his studies. According to Kwame, it was the most important aspect of his life.

I'll tell you about it in the next letter.



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This story is a series of letters written by Segun Cadmus, Manager, HiZen-3 Ltd, a company created to be the Ultimate guide in Culture Management at work and life. Please visit us at: for more information about what we do.

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