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Letters from HiZen
Letter Nineteen

(This is the nineteenth letter in the series)
June 29, 2012


The Family Dinner - Part 2 - Chuk

Dear Child,

As I recall, I spoke with Chuk on the phone and he said he needed a favour from me. His first business had failed and he owed money to his investors.

He needed money from me, to help pay some of his debts.

I had just talked with Matilda in my private study and we came back smiling.

We had planned on how Fast(in) was going to be used by her as an employee in the organisation.

We called it "The FAST(in) EFFICIENCY TOOLS."

I hoped I was going to be just as lucky with Chuk as I was with Matilda.

I decided to use the same approach.

"So, Chuk, tell me everything," I said.

Chuk tried not to go into details; I guess he really felt embarrassed.

I assured him that what we discussed would be very confidential and I would only talk once he had told me it was ok to share it with others.

Chuk then explained all that had happened, how the other business owners changed their goods and began to sell the same kind as his at a much lower price.

This strategy caused him to lose customers and eventually he had to shut his business down.

I told him I didn't have that much on me, but I could give him what I could afford.

"However, giving you money isn't going to solve your problem, what you need is wisdom." I said firmly.

"Money in the hands of someone who doesn't have wisdom is a recipe for disaster," I continued. "Those business owners had more wisdom than you, so they outsmarted you in your own business."

Those words were hard for Chuk to swallow. I guess no one had ever spoken to him with such firmness before. Or maybe, I guess, because it was coming from me, it meant more to him than hearing it from someone else.

"Good. Now was a perfect time to tell Chuk about Fast(in)," I thought.

I explained Fast(in) to him and told him how I used it to improve my marriage. I told him it was possible for him to do the same thing with his business.

"Are you trying to say applying Fast(in) in my business would improve my chances of succeeding?" he asked.

"You lose nothing by trying something new," I said.

I said it was the same thing I told Matilda and she was going to apply Fast(in) as an employee.


In Chuk's case, I would want him to apply it as a business owner.

After explaining everything, I waited for Chuk to respond.

Chuk stared at me with a lot of intensity.

"Can we change the name?" He asked.

"To what?" I asked.

I want us to call mine "THE ADVANCED FAST(in) EFFICIENCY TOOLS."

Lessons to live by "I would use it as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner."

"Matilda would use it as an Intrapreneur and Employee," Chuk said with a grin on his face.

"Hmm, its like the second part of the Human Body," I said.

"Almost every part of the Human Body has 2 parts; the ears, the eyes, the hands, the legs, the lips, the feet."

"So, you have one part, and Matilda has the other part."

"You will see it from the view of a business owner and Matilda will see it from the view of an employee." I said.

"Well, lets see how it goes," I said to him as I stood up and held his shoulders.

I wasn't that close to Chuk, so I hesitated to hug him. I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be for both of us to hug each other.

Chuk's countenance changed a bit. I guess that was enough of a sign for me to believe we connected during our little talk.

I told him I would talk to a few other friends to see how we can raise money for him to pay off the debts.

Chuk thanked me and said he would think about what we talked about. That made me really happy.

"Please call Joan and your mum when you head back to the living room," I said in a happy tone.

However, I can't talk to Joan alone; I would needed a woman's touch. Who better than my wife?

Read the next letter to find out what we told her to do.



--- Copyright © 2011 HiZen-3 Ltd
This story is a series of letters written by Segun Cadmus, Manager, HiZen-3 Ltd, a company created to be the Ultimate guide in Culture Management at work and life. Please visit us at: for more information about what we do.

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