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Letters from HiZen
Letter Eighteen

(This is the eighteenth letter in the series)
June 8, 2012


The Family Dinner - Part 1 - Matilda

Dear Friend,

I was quite nervous when the children came home for the family dinner. Each with different goals and challenges, hoping what I would have to say would help them in their different lives. Everyone's face seemed heavy. It was as if all of my children ( Matilda, Chuck, Joan and Kwame ) were facing different challenges.

Was I making a mistake, believing that Fast(in) could make a difference in their lives, the way it made a difference in mine?

I needed a plan.

So, my wife and I decided to talk to each of the children individually before we had dinner together. Thus, as they arrived and tried to catch up on what was going on in their different lives, I called them aside, one by one, to have a quick talk and show them how FAST(in) can be used.

This was going to be interesting.

The first one I called was Matilda ( The Employee ).

Matilda told me what had happened at work and how the organization had laid off people and reduced the salary of everyone else by 50%. She wasn't fired, but living on a 50% pay cut was just as bad. How on earth was she going to cope?

It was a lot to take in, but I kept my cool and listened intently.

Once Matilda had poured her heart out, I told her about what I had discovered over the years and how I had put them together to form a performance tool, called FAST(in).

I said I had used FAST(in) to improve my relationship with her mother and I believed she (Matilda) could use it improve her performance at work and life as an employee. The suggestion sounded really strange, as Matilda looked at me with a lot of doubt.

"So, how am I suppose to use FAST(in) as an employee?" she inquired.

"I think you can use FAST(in) to increase your value as an employee." I replied. "Your value in that organization will determine how much you are paid. The higher your value, the more money they pay you. And the lower your value, the less money they pay you.'

"So, if I can increase my value as an employee, I could make more money?" She asked.

"Absolutely!" I said.

"Who is the highest paid employee in your organization?" I asked.

"I think it is the general manager." She replied.

"Why do you think he is the highest paid?" I asked.

It was as if a light bulb came on in the Matilda's head. "Oh my goodness, he is more valuable than everybody else in the organization." She said shockingly.

"That's right!" I said.

So, Matilda decided to use Fast(in) as a tool to increase her efficiency and increase her value as an employee.

"What should we call it?" Matilda asked in an excited tone.

Lessons to live by "Hmmmm, let's call it, "THE FAST(IN) EFFICIENCY TOOLS." I suggested.

"I like it." she said.

Matilda gave me a huge hug. "Thanks Dad, you're the best."

We both went back to the living room smiling and holding hands. Her face was all light up, and everyone in the living room noticed.

"What did you tell Matilda?" Chuk asked curiously.

"Why don't you come with me and find out?" I said.

"One down, three to go" I thought positively.

It's now time to talk to Chuk, the business owner. I hope I can show him how he can use Fast(in) as well.

In my next letter, you will find out what I said to Chuk.



--- Copyright © 2011 HiZen-3 Ltd
This story is a series of letters written by Segun Cadmus, Manager, HiZen-3 Ltd, a company created to be the Ultimate guide in Culture Management at work and life. Please visit us at: for more information about what we do.

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