Letters from HiZen Letter Seventeen

Hello Friend,

This is Kwame, I am HiZen's Last Born. Actually, I am HiZen's adopted son. My father told me he made a promise to you, to share everything he knows about how he came across a culture tool called Fast(in) and how it changed his life and the lives of those whom he was able to share his discovery with.

I am sure you are already aware of the six culture rules by now.

Lessons to live byF:- Facts, not just Opinions;
    "Make sure what you know is complete and

A:- Ask the Right and Best Source;
    "If they don't qualify, don't pay any attention to

S:- See in Systems;
    "Know the story behind the story."

T:- Think and Act the Best Way;
    "Respond to the situation instead of reacting to it."

I:- Inquire, Expect, Prepare, Move;
   "Define the Game and know its Rules, if you want to play it."

N:- Never Assume;
    "Check it again, you need to be sure."

I was still a student back then when he told me about his discovery. I must say I thought my dad had lost his mind and I wasn't interested in anything he had to say.

I guess my dad didn't realise being a student was not an easy thing. The pressure from peers, wanting to fit in with the latest clique, wanting to be noticed by a girl in my school I had admired for the past 2 years; I doubt if she even knew I existed. My world was so different from my dad's. I was so sure Fast(in) could not be used in my world; but I was so wrong.

Anyway, my dad's wish is for me to tell you how Fast(in) changed my world as a student, since he is not sure if you are young or old, he doesn't want to take any chances.

Although, I am all grown up now, I can still recall what I went through back then and I hope you will be able to learn some things from me.

Before I tell you about that life changing moment, I would love to tell you about my life in school, friends, ambitions and so on; to see if you can relate with any of it.

I am what you can call a person “born with a wooden spoon”. We were not financially stable in our family. My dad worked in a supermarket and my mum was mostly a homemaker. Therefore, we had to live very moderately.

The clothes I had were not the latest ones nor were my shoes; so I was often picked on by students at school. They often called me:

Those words did not bother me at first, but after a while it began to really affect how I felt about myself and it made me very timid around people, which the students in my school took advantage of.

My timidity led to me being a loner; I just found it hard to express myself. It really damaged my self-esteem. Moreover, since I was often by myself, I didn't do well in class and some sports events we had at school.

I was too shy to participate, believing if I had tried, I would fail at all of them. It was a terrible experience.

I am sure you probably think I was a complete loser and moron who couldn't fit in with anyone and wasn't good at anything.

Well, I was good at something; it was reading and daydreaming. I guess it was because I was by myself most of the time.

I didn't need to be with anyone to read, neither did I need to be with anyone to go to my fantasy world. I seemed to love my own company.

I would wake up in the morning, go to school, eat my lunch at the school cafeteria, head home once school had closed, go straight to my room, listen to the radio and read one of my numerous novels.

Once my mum had come back from her usual volunteer work, she would call me to help her with the chores in the kitchen, which I did very badly by the way. At evening time, I would struggle to do the assignments I was given in class, which I found to be completely difficult and boring.

My dad would come back from work and try to encourage me, because he knew I was struggling with it. We often argued about school because I said I didn't like my school and the people were mean. That was the routine everyday.

However, I believe all would change if I could only get the attention of a sweet wonderful angel I fantasized about.

Her name was Evelyn Richardson, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I am so sure God must have taken a lot of time to create her and l was the lucky one she was created for.

There was one concern I had. She came from a very wealthy family and she always came to school in an expensive Rolls Royce Car.

Evelyn was the most popular girl; everyone wanted to be her friend. I am certain all the boys would have loved to date her.

If I could get Evelyn to notice me and possibly be my friend and then date me, my whole world would change.

How on earth was I going to accomplish that?

I needed a plan

So, I went to the library one weekend and read up on females; I was curious to find out how they think, act and feel. I wanted to know how they thought about men and what they expected from guys.

I must confess, a lot of what I read didn't seem to make sense to me, probably because I was too young to understand them anyway, but at least I was making the effort to know what to do.

After many hours of searching and reading, the only one that made sense was my appearance. I read that girls love guys that looked good.

Here I was, a student nicknamed "OLD SCHOOL KWAME", because my clothes were nothing to write home about and the only way to get the attention of Evelyn was to change my clothes.

Where on earth was I going to get the kind of clothes that would catch her attention?

There were several shops around our street that sold the kind of clothes that the magazines talked about, but they were really expensive.

I was going to get those clothes, no matter what. So, I approached each shop and offered to clean the floor and do any other manual work that was available, for a whole month. All that work was to be exchanged for a nice shirt and leather jacket.

Only one store agreed to the terms, the other stores already had people who were doing the work I wanted to do.

I was on my way to freedom; I believed this effort would pay off handsomely and truly catch the attention of Evelyn.

I mopped the floor, washed the restrooms, clean the dishes, cleaned the windows, polished the furniture and so on. You name it, I did it.

Finally, after a month of tedious work, I was given the wonderful shirt and black leather jacket I asked for.

This is it - my time had come to win Evelyn.

I was going to wear it on a Friday. I would sneak it to school and then wear it as I was about to enter the premises. Friday came and I wore the jacket. It felt good; l I had arrived.

I could hear the Saturday Night Fever theme music playing in my head, as I walked down the corridor; I felt so cool. Then to my amazement, I saw Evelyn talking with her friends in front of the school cafeteria. This was my moment.

As I approached her boldly, I didn't see the sign by the side of the cafeteria door that said "WET FLOOR". It took less than a second for me to slide right into her and her friends.

It was a disaster! We all feel on the floor and I think one of her friends injured her nose.


I was too embarrassed to say anything. I just stood up and ran out of the school as fast as I could. My life was ruined. I had totally lost my big chance to impress her. What was she going to think of me now?

I ran all the way home and locked myself in my room. I didn't tell anyone what had happened to me at school. I didn't need anyone else to make fun of me.

Since, I'm usually by myself, it wasn't strange that I would do my chores and then head back to my room.

The next day, my mum told me we were going to have a special dinner that evening. She said something about my dad discovering something big and he wanted to share it with the entire family.

Honestly, I didn't care at all. My life was ruined, I had seriously embarrassed myself at school, and I didn't want to hear what dad had to say about this discovery of his.


I'll tell you about it later,

Your friend,

Kwame (The Student )

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