February 28, 2011
" Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't have to like it... it's just easier if you do."
Byron Katie --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey

February 28, 2011
" Opportunity is a Book with Blank Pages. It is for us to write words of our success or defeats on the said pages!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shyam Dewani --- India

February 28, 2011
" Life is beautiful only for those who know how to celebrate the pain."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Devika Tiwari --- India

February 23, 2011
" Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."
Pema Chodron --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey

February 23, 2011
" When something negative hits you like a ton of bricks, just smile and move on. Do not live in that moment for a long time because whatever you think is big, is probably small in the big picture of life. The only thing making a mountain out of a mole hill, is you."
Written in 2010 by Rich Barnes --- Massachusetts

February 23, 2011
" When you know who you are, you don't need to justify it to anyone. Life is so uncertain so why waste good energy on negativity & negative people? When you get older in life, and you deal with you some hard stuff, you learn to handle things differently. The best thing to do is walk away. Petty stuff is not worth it, believe me as I say this. People will gossip, accuse, assume - LET THEM. Worry about your loved ones & your friends, not people who live off of drama. Just walk away because your friends know you. Let others believe what they want because the truth is out there."
Written in 2011 by Renee Scalfani --- Massachusetts

February 21, 2011
" If you have a wounded heart, touch it as little as you would an injured eye. There are only two remedies for the suffering of the soul: hope and patience."

February 21, 2011
" Look at a person's light, not their lampshade."
Gerald G. Jampolsky

February 21, 2011
" Every new day begins with possibilities. It's up to us to fill it with the things that move us toward progress and peace."
Ronald Reagan

February 16, 2011
" I'm not scared of commitment. I never was. I am just scared of who to commit myself to."
Written in 2011 by Juliet C. --- Philippines

February 16, 2011
" Forgiveness is important while we use wisdom for a clear direction. If a partner repeats the same old bad behavior in marriage, we need tolerance. Before marriage, we escape for our lives and destiny. The mistake you accept is the mistake you live with."
Written in 2011 by Bassey Ndon --- Nigeria

February 16, 2011
" An opinion on any given subject often sheds more light on the character of the person offering it than the subject on which it was offered."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Gary Anderson --- Illinois

February 14, 2011
" One must assess the past to be able to face the future."
Written in 2011 by Myra Tejada --- Philippines

February 14, 2011
" We choose the way we feel... We choose to feel happy, we choose to be angry, or we choose to be sad... . Most times, most people are unconscious or have no control about the way they feel. All we have to do is observe our thoughts and reactions and eventually decide if we want to express them. But foremost we need to decide if those thoughts that eventually develop in reactions or emotions have a valid foundation and deserve to be given the attention we usually do. Sometimes I get angry at myself for letting myself feel the way I feel, for letting myself get angry or frustrated or jealous or allow any negative thoughts break into my "under new management" mind. We need to take charge of our subconscious and expose our inner thoughts to our conscious mind. That way we can clearly listen and decide which ones, among our daily avalanche of thoughts, are constructive and have a positive impact in our lives."
Written in 2011 by Leo Frincu --- California
Always helped me staying on a positive mindset.

February 14, 2011
" Do not just look but also see. Do not just hear but do listen. Do not just eat but also taste. Do not just touch but do feel. Do not just talk but speak."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Quinn Tee --- Malaysia

February 9, 2011
" Your conscience tells you what your heart doesn't want you to know."
Written in 2011 by Louise Smith --- Illinois

February 9, 2011
" It takes an instant to change... for the better. Deciding to finally make the change could take years... or an instant."
Written in 2011 by Pete W. Zafra --- California

February 9, 2011
" Practice these three L'S throughout life: Live a little, laugh a lot and love forever. Whatever the circumstances you face in life, it's for your growth and understanding of this world."
Written in 2011 by Kerry Crew --- Florida

February 7, 2011
" Life, and the people in it, treats you the way you allow them to treat you. Life is not fair but be fair and kind to yourself."
Written in 20101 by Funmi Obis --- Nigeria
It helps to get on with the business of living despite all odds.

February 7, 2011
" The irony of taking yourself too seriously is being laughed at by others."
Written in 20101 by Meyer Leibovitch --- Maryland

February 7, 2011
" Don't put your happiness in the hands of someone else. If you really want to be happy, you have to find this happiness within yourself."
Written in 2010 by Lawal Olanrewaju Kazzym Success --- Nigeria
I don't make my choices based on whether or not I am happy; my happiness is based on the choices I make.

February 2, 2011
" Successful people always have two things on their lips... silence and a smile; a smile to solve the problem and silence to avoid the problem."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ganesh Gupta --- India

February 2, 2011
" If you have never made a mistake, you would have never learned anything."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chad Ogg --- Michigan
If you never touched a hot stove, how do you know it's hot?

February 2, 2011
" When others treat you with aggression and contempt, it is because they have realized that you possess certain qualities, which they are unable to attain in life. Keep on being you. Hatred meted out by others is just fuel to boost your success!"
Written in 2011 by Easton Leiba --- Jamaica


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